Course Level Guidelines

Course Level Guidelines

Unsure which level would be most appropriate for you? Please check the guidelines below to help you decide.

At all levels we will discuss many parts of the French culture, etiquette and the different ways to correctly and politely express yourself in French.


During the course, we will concentrate on the French phonemes and pronunciation (the alphabet, the sounds of individual letters….).  

In grammar, we will cover the basics, the names and nouns (the masculine and the feminine), how to build a sentence and also ask a simple question. 

We will tackle the main 6 verbs and the first group verbs , verbs ending in “er”. 

Beginner+ /- Intermediate

On this level the phonetique will be a must again as you need to hear the language to understand it, and sound the language correctly to be understood.

You will cover, in detail, the gender of the nouns, the adjectives and learn how to talk negatively as well as asking questions.

In conjugation, you will cover the present tense  for all verbs, regulars  and irregulars and tackle the two main past tenses “the imperfect” and the “passé compose”.

Intermediate/ + Intermediate

The phonetique will accompany  you all the way,as we look deeper into the pronunciation of words, understanding the liaisons  ….

In grammar, we will perfect the questionning and the negations, tackle the use of the adjectives (describe a noun) and the adverbs.

In conjugaison, revise all our tenses including the use of the future tense.


It may be time to  talk about the use of the conditional ( hypothesis, politeness…),the French pronouns  (their place within the sentence …..) and maybe the use of the much dreaded subjonctif…


Online Skills Test

If you are still unsure which level would be most appropriate for you we have a short test available. You can complete the language skills test online and receive your result straight away, or if you prefer we can post it out to you. Alternatively a telephone / oral test can be arranged.