UK French Tuition Week

UK French Tuition Week

Our UK Tuition week aims to provide intensive French tuition over a 5 day period. We have a fun and informal approach to teaching using activities, games and daily quizzes to help you learn.

Here are a few comments from our students:
>>" Francoise is a gifted teacher, motivating, fun and supportive, no matter what your level.  I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Le Poiron Bonjour and am looking forward to going back sometime in the next year". – Ros, UK
>> " Francoise is an exceptional teacher, offering the perfect combination of high expectations and individual support. Lessons were challenging, engaging and fun." – Howard & Liz, UK .

We have devised this course for intermediate students. Particularly those that have reasonable knowledge but would like to work on their pronunciation and spoken French. Over the week we will be covering phonetics and all the aspects of pronunciation. These are the basic building blocks you will need to improve your pronunciation and comprehension skills. The complete 5 day course concentrates on areas that, in our experience, students of French have difficulties with. This course aims to build your confidence and give you the tools you need to improve your spoken French.  

Join us at:

High Wycombe Cricket Club

The Balcony Suite

London Road

High Wycombe


HP11 1DE

Course level - Intermediate
Date: Our UK course date for 2021 will be available soon

Time: Daily 09.30hrs - 16.30hrs

Light lunch is provided 12.30hrs – 13.15hrs

Morning and afternoon tea breaks are also included.

Topics covered each day are as follows:

Spoken French - Intonation and Phonetics / Negation
Pronouncing and hearing simple words eg. Une citerne, un ananas. The nine associations of vowels and nasal sounds. The most complicated sounds to pronouce and hear e.g trouvaille, feuille. Negation - how to change a positive into a negative eg Are you already there? No, I'm not there yet.
Spoken French - Intonation and Phonetics / Asking  Questions
Le tréma – two dots used to break the sounds in words such as ‘laîcté , aigü. How to ask a question and where to put your words in a sentence. Quiz time!
Spoken French - Intonation and Phonetics / Verb Tenses
Verb tenses : how to express the same idea in the past, present and future. Reading and speaking.
Spoken french - Intonation and Phonetics / Verbs

The use of the verbs devoir vs falloir. Using expressions with avoir  eg Avoir besoin de ..
Everyday expressions / Verbs / Summary
A quick insight into French pronons e.g je,ne,te,le,dis,pas. The use of the verbs savoir vs connaitre. Summary of the course work.


Tariff for UK tuition week

We are able to take bookings for individual days,if a particular topic appeals to you.
The cost per day is 100.00 per person
If you would like to book for the full five days the cost per person is £450.00.
Light lunch and tea/ coffee breaks are included in the price.

Booking your place

To book your place we require a completed booking form and 50% deposit. You can download our booking form here or if you would prefer we can email or post it to you. Please contact our customer service office to arrange this. Payment methods, terms, conditions and return address information can be found on the booking form. Again please contact our customer service office if you have any queries or you would like information on accommodation in the area.

Lorna Ditchburn
Le Poiron Bonjour
Customer Services
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